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Ottawa, Ontario (May 25, 2017) - Orangutech, in partnership with Connecting Software, are pleased to announce that Connect Bridge - Permissions Replicator is now being used within the Government of Canada!

The Department of Justice Canada is one of the first departments to take advantage and harness the full capability of the software to help them integrate their new SharePoint 2013 Digital Workspace solution with their Dynamics CRM Case Management system.

The major problem of storing Dynamics CRM documents in SharePoint is the missing permissions / privileges synchronization. This allows unauthorized SharePoint users to reach private documents even if they don’t have CRM privileges to access them. Sensitive data like salaries, contracts or signatures are often unknowingly shared with external employees, salesmen or partners. Connecting Software’s CB Permissions Replicator fixes this issue and keeps your documents safe by automatic synchronization of Dynamics CRM privileges with SharePoint permissions.

“We are very proud to secure this initial roll-out at the Department of Justice Canada. Like our other public and private sector customers around the world we will continue to work closely with their team to ensure the system meets all their requirements. Orangutech has been an invaluable partner in Ottawa - supporting Justice Canada through-out this process. Together we hope to help make the Canadian Government more effective, secure, and modern." Thomas Berndorfer, CEO, Connecting Software Inc

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Connecting Software SLSA Information:
Category: 504 - Application Integration & Connectivity Software
Supply Arrangement Number: EN578-100808/299/EE

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