Goals and the Happiness of Pursuit

We should concern ourselves, not so much with the pursuit of happiness,
but with the happiness of pursuit.

– Professor Coreman from the movie Hector and the Search for Happiness.

This enduring message is one that my friend Michael Swarbrick really brought to light for me, and it has resonated with me ever since.

With this in mind, what do I know? I know that I have books in my library with titles like, “How to be a CEO”, and “Traits of a Leader”. When I had lunch with an old friend from 1982 this summer, he said to me, “You always wanted to own your own business.” When I had lunch with an ex-coworker from 1989 he said to me, “You always said you would be a CEO.”

So, what do I know? I know that I have always wanted to own my own business.

I was in a fourth year university class and I remember a fellow student’s presentation on what she had been taught about running a superb business. She said the key was to set your goals – and go after them. In my mind, I have been goal oriented ever since, but from what I’ve heard from my old friends and coworkers, I already was before I saw the presentation.

I have since worked with many business coaches, and they would all say the same thing:

Write down your goals, and be specific.

What do you want to achieve, and by when?

I know that I am happiest when I am in pursuit of my goals.

By Barry Doucette – CEO, Orangutech