Having trouble with SharePoint user adoption?

Orangutech has been delivering SharePoint solutions for over 10 years, and in that time we’ve learned that getting new users to adopt a new system can be the deciding factor between a successful implementation or not. The key to a successful user adoption strategy is the ability to seamlessly integrate any new system into a user’s every-day work tools and habits. This strategy is successful by empowering users through SharePoint while keeping information overload and system creep at a minimum.

Implementing SharePoint can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor for any organization – and if users aren’t using it to its full potential, companies run the risk of losing out on the ROI and sunk costs of implementing the new system. Everyone wants the best bang for their buck, but it can be hard for users to learn something new.

Enter harmon.ie.

harmon.ie is an enterprise-grade solution designed to integrate SharePoint into a user’s Microsoft Outlook client. With harmon.ie users can be fully productive in and out of the office, right from the place they already spend the most time out of their workday – email and mobile devices.

With harmon.ie you can easily:

  • Upload documents and email to SharePoint directly from Outlook.
  • Treat emails as documents of record by storing them in SharePoint with metadata.
  • Find documents and emails quickly to support audits and ediscovery.
  • Share document and email links with colleagues instead of attachments.
  • Offline document support.
  • Ad hoc document sharing using SharePoint and One Drive for Business.
  • Preview documents and email.
  • Search for people and expertise.
  • Follow important documents and tasks using an exclusive Update Stream.

Whether it’s for small or mid-sized business, Federal Government Departments, or large organizations, harmon.ie can provide users with a powerful SharePoint solution in a familiar Outlook environment. User adoption will continue to be a key factor in determining the success of any new SharePoint implementation. harmon.ie can help flatten the learning curve, increase user adoption, all while providing users a simple and efficient way to store and share emails and documents with SharePoint, directly from Outlook.

Find more information about our partner harmon.ie here, and contact us for information about a free demonstration of harmon.ie.


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