Reminder: emails may be records!

A friendly reminder from Orangutech and the Information Commissioner of Canada – emails and their attachments may be records in the eyes of the Federal Government in the same way that paper and electronic documents may be official records.  It is your responsibility to determine which emails and attachments are records, and follow the necessary steps and protocols to ensure proper disposition.

But what does that mean exactly?

The Treasury Board’s guidelines for email management states that organizations define the specifications to support the implementation of strong, consistent, and standardized email management practice with the expected result that emails be effectively managed throughout the IM Lifecycle. No matter how far you are in elaborating your IM practice in GCDOCS and/or SharePoint, always plan any document management system to meet the standards of the Treasury Board of Canada’s Cradle to Grave IM Lifecycle Management.

Never loses focus of your organization’s IM practice, ensuring that your proposed document management system seamlessly supports and enforces your IM policies.

In the coming weeks I will be showcasing Orangutech's solution for this problem. Ensuring your department can adopt GCDOCs as your records management solution, while maintaining the ease of use and user experience that your business users are comfortable with.

Daniel Sanscartier, CTO
Orangutech Inc

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