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Understand how your users are accessing your environment and consuming information through the use of powerful data visualization and insight tools. Create a holistic view of your entire environment to see how your users are interacting with it in real-time. Orangutech's analytics expertise allows you to maintain proper Information Management controls across your organization utilizing M365 generated data already present. 

Track exposure, including anonymous links and external user access, and generate a visual report to track and plan improvements in M365 across Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Improve visibility through visual reports and dashboards designed to give you insights into permissions and document access rights. 

Use our software's built-in analytic tools to generate measurable, actionable, and impactful insights to make lasting improvements to your business processes. Connect with Orangutech to identify bottlenecks, broken processes, security concerns, and engagement rates within your M365 workload.


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Gain actionable insights: