Microsoft Dynamics CRM Seminar: A GOC Case Study 

Orangutech is hosting a diverse session on Dynamics CRM, in partnership with Microsoft Canada on Wednesday, October 2nd . Coleen Courtney, LEX Project Manager, will detail her implementation of CRM into the DOJ. Lunch will be provided and the seminar will be held at the Microsoft Offices in Ottawa. 


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Seminar:

A GOC Case Study 


Join into a diverse session and listen to learn about Dynamics CRM within the DOJ!

Agenda is as follows:

11:00-  DOJ’s LEX CRM Dynamics Solution –                          Coleen Courtney, DOJ LEX Project                              Manager

11:30-  Walk Me, Digital Adoption Platform – Dan                  Fanaberia, Canadian Strategic Account                      Executive

12:15-  Connecting Software, CRM Permissions                    Replication – Thomas Berndorfer, CEO

13:00-  MSCRMAddons, Creating Documents in                    Dynamics – Patrick O’Donnell, VP                              Business Development, The Americas

13:45-  PSPC Update on GCCase, Todd Biggs,                      PSPC Director GCCase

14:30-  Adjournment