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As your organization moves to the cloud, it is imperative that you protect your data and manage permissions and sprawl within M365. With a proper data governance strategy, Orangutech can help set up the necessary guardrails within your M365 environment to protect your organization's IRBV data. Orangutech's experienced team of IM/IT professionals specialize in the implementation of Digital Workplaces, including enterprise IM frameworks, governance, protection, and adoption of M365.

Our standard governance framework consists of legislation, IM policies, processes, and procedures to support compliance with established Government of Canada standards. Our strategic governance practices ensure that information and data are managed as a strategic asset to reduce redundancy and enable operability. Orangutech ensures that methodologies, business processes, and tools are implemented to support information and data life cycle management. Finally, we ensure that departmental roles, responsibilities, and accountability structures are clearly defined for the management of IRBV data.

Depending on your organization's business requirements, Orangutech can leverage third-party tools to help with the implementation and delivery of governance within your M365 environment. The need for a third-party tool is imperative as you move to the cloud as out-of-the-box M365 doesn't have the necessary backup tools built in.

If your organization is looking to integrate your digital workplace to your case management solution (Dynamics 365), Orangutech leverages ConnectBridge Replicator, the only out-of-the-box solution that automatically synchronizes Dynamics 365 privileges with established SharePoint permissions ensuring data governance and protection of IRBV data.

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