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Realize the full value of your technology investment and have Orangutech lead your digital adoption strategy. Orangutech leverages WalkMe's GPS-like qualities to guide, direct, and automate your end-users through software and web applications that you have invested in. Orangutech and WalkMe get your organization "Thriving in the Next Normal":

STEP 1 –Empower employees to get their job done remotely, from any location

STEP 2 – Enable customers to have a great experience regardless of the channel of engagement

STEP 3 – Modernize technology, whether by gradually moving workloads to the cloud or by optimizing the usage of legacy systems; and by applying data analytics to better understand business and operational dynamics for making data-driven decisions

With a WalkMe certified delivery and implementation team, Orangutech takes a collaborative approach and empowers your organization to build in WalkMe. Rather than build everything and leave it with your organization to figure out on their own, we build it with you, ensuring that you have all the features you want and are maximizing the software to its full potential.

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