Digital Workplace

As we all navigate to remote and hybrid workplaces, it is paramount that your organization has a plan for not only moving to the cloud, but managing what your new workplace will look like. Orangutech can help throughout all stages of your transition to the cloud, from beginning roadmaps to final cloud implementations to managing sprawl and governance issues.

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Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Ditch your legacy platforms and have us come alongside you in your journey to the cloud. Whether you want to maintain on-premise practices or completely start form scratch in the cloud, Orangutech can help manage your cloud journey from start to finish.

Business Process Optimization

Leveraging the Nintex Process Platform, Orangutech empowers your organization with the most complete platform for process management and automation. Accelerate your digital transformation with Nintex's ProMapp, Workflows, Digital Signature, and Automation tools.


Data Governance & Protection

In your move to the digital age, make sure your information is stored safely and securely. We provide guidance and support the establishment and maintenance of data governance and protection, including roles and responsibilities, rights and privileges, data, policies, permissions, retention, administration and configuration roles and standards.