Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS)

Orangutech is the leader in aiding Canadian Federal Government Departments solve their Information Management and Records Management challenges. We have two (2) notable architectures available, paving the way for EDRMS at your department.

EDRMS in M365


Our flagship EDRMS solution, this full M365 EDRMS architecture has been developed completely in-house to allow your department to move fully to M365 with your EDRMS. It is a complete overhaul of your Information Management structure, with your user's business processes at its foundation. The solution leverages Microsoft E5 licensing, Azure, and Sentinel to still allow your department to achieve Protected B status. If you wish to gain TBS accreditation, our EDRMS in M365 solution will allow to you achieve accreditation. 

The M365 EDRMS architecture is less complex than GCDocs and increases user adoption providing tight integration with current Office 365 applications and Teams - leveraging tools that your end-users are already familiar with. It leaves plenty of growing space for expanding and is scalable with your department.

Full EDRMS in M365 simplifies your licensing, fully removing the OpenText element from your EDRMS. It allows your team to better manage a simpler solution, ultimately saving on IT and maintenance costs. It allows for secure mobile access to content and productivity tools while also reducing IT maintenance significantly. It leverages powerful analytic components (Power BI, Azure Sentinel, Purview, and Data Lake, etc.) to allow you to refine your IM strategy throughout its life cycle.

The solution leverages custom Artificial Intelligence to meet Government of Canada requirements. Our custom AI can read both English and French documents, and can classify documents based on your department's classification policy.



M365 to GCDocs


Also fully developed in-house, the hybrid SharePoint Online to GCDocs architecture combines the best of M365's SharePoint platform with the best of the GCDocs on-premise records management suite. With no migration required, the hybrid architecture allows your department to maintain their Information Management practices while also leveraging SharePoint Online.

While it only requires E3 licensing, it requires the full suite of OpenText including OpenText Extended ECM for M365 and OpenText AGA for Content Server 16.2+ on SharePoint 2016/2019 On-Premises Server Farm. This current structure is currently recommended and certified by TBS and is status quo across Canadian Federal Government.

Your team can still leverage Microsoft Teams for project collaboration and still leverage part of the cloud with SharePoint Online, OneDrive with GCDocs managing all the record management functions on-premises.

Orangutech will work with you to determine the best option for your EDRMS

Orangutech understands the Canadian Government Information Management in M365 requirements. They have the knowledge, expertise, and methodology to successfully implement for large Enterprises. They are second to none for IM in M365 in Canada.” – Manager, Information Management | Canadian Federal Government Department


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