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Did you know 80% of important records in an organization are emails but only 5% of business emails are records?

harmonie-gartner-logo.png allows users to directly store records and documents from Office 365 to SharePoint using their sidebar application. In other words, provides easy Outlook to SharePoint integration. also improves the ability to classify these documents and records. By using a drag and drop method prompting the user to enter metadata you can easily find documents and emails at a later date.


The SmartAssistant™️ Add-on makes it easy to bring together all your conversations and documents in one place - Microsoft Teams. By harmonizing Outlook and Teams, you won’t miss any important messages, and you can harness all your information.

The Platform



Drag and drop emails from your outlook inbox to Sharepoint through your sidebar. 

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Work with colleagues using email messages and documents stored on SharePoint. 



Work on the go:

 capture, classify, find emails, and documents in using your smartphone or tablet. 



Find and retrieve emails, messages, documents, and records easily across multiple SharePoint sites. 



Designate your own drop-off folders so that can automatically place your emails in SharePoint.


Classify automatically prompts you to enter metadata in order to find your emails accurately. within the Government of Canada

Case Study: Canada Post

Canada Post is one of the largest employers in Canada, with 64,000 staff working from 6,200 post offices across the country. Canada Post began deploying SharePoint 2013 in order to replace an existing estate of file shares, a dated SAP system and some shadow IT cloud platforms like Dropbox. SharePoint was chosen because the organization was already using other Microsoft tools like Outlook and Office. The change management team knew that SharePoint would only be a success if it was integrated into employees’ day-to-day activities. Simply making SharePoint available would not result in mass user adoption.


Here is an example of how an organization used as part of their Office 365 change management strategy.

The Challenge:

  • Canada Post invested in SharePoint 2013 and wanted to make a success of user adoption.

  • For an organization of Canada Post’s size, deploying new technology is always a challenge.

  • Because SharePoint requires users to perform additional steps to correctly store content, Canada Post needed a way to make SharePoint easier to use.

The Solution:

  • Canada Post embraced a proactive approach to their Office 365 change management strategy that initially involved a gradual roll out of the technology.

  • The organization also employed a team of internal consultants, called 'Information Management Champions’, who were skilled at training users in new technology.

  • The third and final ingredient was to deploy, which made using SharePoint much easier for Canada Post’s staff. has also been deployed at:

Library and Archives Canada

Department of Finance 

Immigration and Refugee Board

Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada

Department of Justice

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