Information Management

Sound Information Management practices are the foundation for any functioning enterprise. Orangutech takes a dynamic approach to developing an Information Management strategy for your organization, ensuring buy-in from all executive levels and making it as seamless as possible. Orangutech's effective Information Management strategies get the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Orangutech offers a variety of EDRMS solutions to fit your specific business needs. These solutions are highlighted by our flagship solution: EDRMS fully in the M365 cloud. 

Email Management

With how much time we all spend in Outlook, it is imperative to properly manage your email and inbox sprawl. Stop sending out of date and bloated attachments; leverage to control your inbox and have your users do Information Management without knowing they are.


Big Data & Analytics

Leverage the information your end-users are generating in the cloud to make meaningful decisions rooted in sound data and analytics. Gather meaningful insights to improve your business processes and increase the efficiency of your organization.