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Get Some time back in your day by automating your business processes. Ensure your workforce is operating at peak efficiency.

Coordinate work across your business by integrating the systems, apps, and content repositories you use daily.  Automate tasks, collaborate across teams, secure electronic signatures, and more.

The Nintex Platform


Leverage powerful and easy-to-use workflow automation software to streamline the processes that make up the core of your business.


With Nintex Forms, you can create dynamic online forms to capture and submit accurate and current data from wherever you are.


Nintex Sign, powered by Adobe Sign, establishes total visibility and control over your enterprise processes with Nintex Promapp™.  


Completing approval processes with an electronic signature allows businesses to move faster. Automate simple to sophisticated processes using a reliable, enterprise-grade solution


Robotic Process Automation is great for high volume and repetitive tasks. By automating the linear tasks that are normally done by a person, it saves your employees time by taking out the boring stuff. 

Nintex within the Government of Canada

Investing in Nintex products, along with Orangutech’s BPM expertise, and attention to customer needs has helped the Government of Canada adopt intelligent process automation solutions faster and more effectively than other tools and services on the market. Many departments have come to trust Nintex and Orangutech to deploy and grow business process automation solutions that transforms their department. 

Nintex Workflow Usage Examples:

Improve employee on boarding and off boarding:

  • Unify management of mailboxes, active directories, user groups, and external systems

  • Assign software licences to employees, significantly reducing IT support tickets

  • Schedule reminders for IT / HR to set up work stations and schedule orientation sessions

  • Generate and manage electronic documents and integrate them with e-signatures

  • Access / publish documents to or from HR, payroll, and accounting systems

Improve Licensing Renewal:

  • Use a site reusable workflow set on a schedule to send reminders

  • Use Lazy Approval to approve or reject a renewal to be registered when the approver replies to the notification email or respond to the automated OCS or Lync conversation with a permitted word or phrase

  • Easily capture approval or rejection as well as comments by approvers

  • Generate and manage electronic documents and integrate them with e-signatures.

Telework request process is a time-consuming process involving multiple steps, including approval, signing agreements, provisioning IT systems, and training; as well as documents that are dependent.

  • Inform of new request;

  • Initiate approval process

  • Easily capture approval or rejection as well as comments by approvers

  • Generate and manage electronic documents and integrate them with e-signatures

Improving employee telework requests:

Nintex is currently used in various government departments such as:

National Science Engineering Research Council

 Natural Resources Canada

 Library and Archives Canada

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

Immigration and Refugee Board

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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