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User Adoption Training

Orangutech is a Premier Partner of Nintex, and the Only Nintex Certified Training Partner in Canada. We offer 3-day or 5-day intensive training programs surrounding Nintex best practices, and real work use cases.

Staring at a blank Nintex canvas and determining how you go about mapping your business processes and translating those steps into actions can be daunting. That’s why we offer Nintex workflow training to each of our customers as a value-added service offering.


We offer a tailored approach to training. Take the base 3-Day or 5-Day Nintex Training Programs, and add-on modules to customize your ideal training scenario.

Multi-day training offerings:

3-Day Nintex Workflow Training

Learn the basics of how to navigate the Nintex Platform, including Workflows, Forms, Administration, and real world use case development.

5-Day Nintex Workflow Training

Further your knowledge of the Nintex Platform, including advanced Workflows & Forms actions, Administration, and real world use case development.

Need more help?

Orangutech offers these additional training add-ons to compliment your Nintex investment. You can add any of these training add-ons to your existing 3-day or 5-day Nintex training packages to suit your requirements.



Learn how to better document your business processes prior to automating them in Nintex.




+2 Days



Further automate your business processes with a RPA bot. Learn how they can be integrated into your workflows.

+1 Days

 Advanced Training

Leverage the newest features available within Nintex. Including Nintex Sign, Document Generation, Nintex Analytics, Nintex Workflow Cloud, and more.

+2 Days

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