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User Adoption Training

Manage your Office 365 deployment with ease, knowing that Orangutech has your back. We provide Office 365 training, guidance, best practices, and strategies on how best to promote Office 365 to your users to ensure a high level of adoption and a successful implementation.

Users are the key to realizing the full potential of your investments. A new tool or technology like Office 365 might meet all your technical requirements, but only when your users adopt and embrace it can your rollout really be a success. If you want to drive Office 365 user adoption to its highest potential, you need an effective Office 365 training and change management strategy that:

Clearly articulates the behavior changes and expectations

Encourages adoption from the top-down

Builds a community among users

Provides the right help and support at the right times

Measures usage and adoption against stated goals

The Orangutech Office 365 Integration Process

Planning and Sponsorship

Communication & Awareness

Learning & Training

Readiness & Adoption

Planning and Sponsorship

During the Planning and Sponsorship phase, Orangutech will help your team prepare and ultimately develop the change management plan. It answers these questions:

  • “How much change management does this project need?”

  • “Who is impacted by this initiative and in what ways?”

  • “Who are the sponsors we need to be involved to make this initiative successful?”


Communication & Awareness


Communications and Awareness are critical components to a successful Office 365 deployment. During the Awareness phase, Orangutech will work to understand the audiences impacted by the technology change. An Audience Analysis and Impact Assessment will measure the degree to which different groups are impacted and then drive out a communications and training strategy that best addresses their needs.


In all of our deployment strategies, proper Office 365 training is one of the critical success factors in an effective rollout. The main objective of training is to provide all users with the skills and knowledge required to successfully implement and sustain the new business processes and systems technology at go-live and beyond.

Key training activities include:

  • Developing the training plan after assessing training needs;

  • Designing training content and appropriate delivery methods (e.g. Self-directed, instructor-led, etc.);

  • Developing training materials (where applicable);

  • Preparing for training delivery by conducting train the trainer sessions;

  • Rolling out training to impacted organizations as per the schedule; and

  • Supporting end user training needs during the Readiness and Adoption phase.


Readiness and Adoption


During this phase, you are encouraged to reflect, improve and learn from errors to be successful during the next phases of deployment.

  • Provide first-level “Help-Desk” support agents with learning materials, training and FAQs

  • Conduct surveys/interviews/focus groups to assess user satisfaction with the rollout and the new technology

  • Use all available tools/methods to measure user adoption, e.g. tool usage, metrics, changes in behaviour, surveys, etc.

  • Develop, share and act upon “Lessons Learned” to drive future success

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