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Orangutech is an Ottawa-based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in both Collaboration and Content and Application Development.  Founded in 2003, Orangutech helps Clients modernize their workplace while maximizing User Adoption and effective Collaboration using Microsoft centric Services and Software. Orangutech is Ottawa’s recognized leader in developing Roadmaps and Architectures for Office 365, SharePoint, SharePoint to GCDocs, and Dynamics 365.

Founded in 2003 by four friends and colleagues, Orangutech has been utilizing Microsoft technologies for over 10 years. We continue to provide advice from a strategic standpoint as well as the business, technical, and system implementation portions of a websites adoption including the development and delivery of best practices training.

Our Name, Our Story.

"Let me tell you about the Orangutan.."  -  Barry Doucette, CEO


The Orangutan is widely considered one of the most intelligent primates, their ability to solve complex problems, use a variety of sophisticated tools, and construct elaborate sleeping nests has been well documented and studied.

Over the years the four original founders threw out numerous names for their new potential company.  Orangutech was initially proposed and quickly dismissed with a laugh, however, as the weeks went by the partners quickly realized that they each kept on returning to that name.  Orangutech.  No other name had the staying power or ability to draw someone in as "Orangutech".  Drawing on the symbolism of the Orangutan and their expertise in Technology, Orangutech was born.

Through-out the history of Orangutech, the name has garnered critical acclaim and provided us with a great jumping off point for conversations about who we are, and what we do.  As an organization we are immensely proud of our history and relation with the Orangutan and continue to solve complex problems using a variety of Information Technology tools every day!

Meet The Leadership Team

Here at Orangutech we recognize it isn't the efforts of any one individual that drives a company forward, but the collaboration and efforts of each person. We are fortunate to be able to count of the following people - their skills, experiences, and passion.




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Chief Executive Officer


Daniel Sanscartier

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Chief Technology Officer


Lachlan Henderson

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Vice President, Operations

Sylvana Gatto

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Director of Sales