SharePoint to GCDOCS Integration


Making SharePoint to GCdocs simple.

Choose the right methodology for managing document collaboration in SharePoint and Records in GCdocs. We provide Office 365 to GCDocs solutions.


Orangutech is the leader in helping Canadian Federal Government departments solve their Records Management challenges.


Choose from the following three (3) different options available, tried and tested by the team at Orangutech.

SharePoint to GCdocs Methodologies



with integration to GCdocs

SharePoint Online (O365/Azure) hybrid

with integration to GCdocs


Online-only records management

A GoC organizations can choose to adopt one of these IM solutions based on factors such as cost, level of compliance to TBS governance rules, user adoption, and legacy commitment to a software platform and business requirements. These commitments may necessitate custom business rules & approval workflows.

Distribution of documents

across the two platforms


Benefits of Orangutech's solution

By choosing Orangutech to help solve your Office 365 SharePoint to GCdocs integration challenges, you can be sure that the methodology you choose for your department will be successful, and ensure compliance with TBS and PSPC EPMO requirements!

  • Collaborate on documents with SharePoint

  • When documents are completed and approved, move them as records in GCdocs

  • Automate the process of sending document as records to GCdocs

  • Access and search for records stored in GCdocs from SharePoint

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