Never input Metadata again.


Meet TagAI, Orangutech's Office 365 Artificial Intelligence software offering!


Do away with the hassle of adding metadata to your documents forever.

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Welcome to the future!

Orangutech's TagAI is the latest in Artificial Intelligence designed to use a document’s content to predict the correct Office 365 document classification. Removing the need for human metadata entry. This approach ensures a high level of predictive accuracy, far superior to a human approach to metadata tagging. In addition, TagAI continuously re-evaluates the document as it gets edited by users over time, updating the metadata accordingly.

How can TagAI help my organization?

  • Never add metadata to your documents ever again

  • More accurate and consistent metadata improves findability through search

  • Proper Office 365 document classification and application of retention and disposition schedules

  • Ensure proper access rights to records 

  • A stronger, more transparent IM Governance structure within your organization

  • Improve Office 365 governance

The Benefits

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Take a tour of the future for Metadata!

Increase your organizations Metadata accuracy from 30% to 90%!*

*Based on Orangutech internal data gathered with the Government of Canada

Technical Requirements

  • A per-user subscription offering

  • Deployed as a server-less software on Azure 

  • An Azure AD Global Admin account for AI

  • Available on SharePoint 2016/2019, SharePoint Online and Office 365

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