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The WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform empowers users to keep pace with technology by enabling true adoption in the digital workplace

The WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) makes it effortless to use any software, website, or web-based application in the digital workplace. Combined with proactive, step-by-step guidance, the WalkMe Platform analyzes and automates processes so users can complete tasks easily in the moment of need.

The WalkMe Platform


Streamline the Digital Workplace

WalkMe fosters fluid interaction between employees and enterprise management platforms, boosting competency with contextual assistance throughout intricate tasks and complex processes.


Boost Employee Productivity

WalkMe uses visual and statistical insights to shed light on user actions and behavior, pinpointing core obstacles and implementing corrective action.


Accelerate Training and Reduce Support Costs

WalkMe simplifies the adoption of systems and processes (such as Office 365 user adoption) through guided walk-throughs and real-time, user-specific contextual guidance - eliminating the need to train users or rely on them to remember odd tasks

Improve and Optimize User Experience (UX)

WalkMe adapts software to meet the needs of your employees and users.  Patented  technology  places  an  invisible overlay on top of all your applications allowing you to  gain  insights  into  user  behavior and  create  in-application  experiences  that empower your users to be more productive and efficient.


WalkMe’s analytics provide insight into what is working and what isn’t, within an application.  You can quickly identify problem areas and develop guidance that encourages task completion by users, allowing them to achieve their objectives efficiently.  A system that is easy to use is a system that will get used!



  • Drive adoption, engagement, and realization of your digital assets’ full value  

  • Accelerate time-to-competency during onboarding   

  • Simplify user experience to reduce resistance to change 

  • Ensures data validation and integrity

  • Identify, track, and analyze obstacles to improve workflow

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Ensure Successful Adoption of Applications Through Contextual Guidance 

Large GoC applications require a huge investment of resources-including human. Successful deployments can make the difference between improving the lives of Canadians and catastrophic system failures. WalkMe assists by correctly showing people how to use the system as intended, in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Any Government department looking to ensure proper user adoption of their systems should consider WalkMe as part of their success strategy.

WalkMe works on almost any system, and can provide immediate improvement in user adoption, user experience, and proper use of GoC systems including:

Technology Agnostic - Use WalkMe in Any Browser

  • Office 365 User Adoption

  • GCCase/Dynamics 365

  • GCShare/SharePoint

  • GCDocs/ROIMS

  • HRG travel systems

  • SAP financial systems

  • PeopleSoft HR systems

  • Departmental Specific applications

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WalkMe within the Government of Canada

Orangutech has been bringing quality solutions to our partners in the Government Sector with a focus on Increasing Office 365 User Adoption and other Microsoft Solutions.  This focus and extensive experience have resulted in strong alliances and partnerships with industry leading software suppliers, who offer superior solutions and integration with a wide range of Government of Canada specific systems.  The Orangutech/WalkMe partnership builds this capability by engaging users directly within the applications that they use – drastically improving user adoption within the digital workplace. 

WalkMe is currently used in various government departments such as:

Department of Justice Canada

Global Affairs Canada

Indigenous Services Canada

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