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Business Process

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Manage Process

Discover and map out key business processes while defining a culture of process for your organization


Automate Critical Business Procedures

Leverage forms, maps, document generation, and digital signatures to efficiently automate processes


Optimize Process

Use real data to understand how processes are performing and optimize workflow

Process Optimization Starts Here

Establishing sound business procedures will always be a fundamental component of successful enterprises. 

However - gone are the days of manual, paper-based procedures. With Nintex and Orangutech, there is no better time to leap into the digital age.

Establish a culture of process excellence and experience an immediate ROI by digitizing your processes, managing visibility and control, automating redundant steps, and optimizing data with actionable insights.

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Process Mapping

The Nintex Process Platform leverages user-friendly visual mapping software to convert complex procedures into clean and easily accessible process maps. 

Commit to your organization's cloud-first initiative by setting a strong foundation using Nintex to create, transform, and optimize cloud-ready processes.


Standardize & Digitize Procedures 

Convert common, manual business activities into efficient and automated processes

Reduce Infrastructure Cost

Leverage a feature-rich solution without costly servers, IT hardware, or personnel

Optimize Workflows

Digital processes yield less errors, better collaboration, and faster task completion

Leverage Real-Time Data

Use real-time data to identify organizational inefficiencies and optimize accordingly

Start Your Process Automation Journey

Enhancing Business Processes with                    


CB replicator from Connecting Software is the only out-of-the-box solution that fills the missing synchronization between Dynamics 365 privileges and SharePoint permissions.

Users no longer have to manually set permissions for each SharePoint document after changing account privileges on Dynamics. Instead - CB replicator runs in the background to automatically replicate SharePoint permissions whenever corresponding privileges in Dynamics and modified.

Connecting Software's CB replicator ensures that only authorized users can access private or sensitive data, even if the permissions and privilege's have been changed.

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Explore Our Client Stories


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

NSERC needed a solution that would automate manual tasks in order to manage scheduling, support, and additional resources across hundreds of employees working remotely. 

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Information Management

Orangutech offers a variety of IDMS solutions to fit your specific business needs. These solutions are highlighted by our flagship solution: TagAI. 

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