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Information Management

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Commit to a Cloud-First Initiative

Accelerate your enterprise modernization journey by moving your on-premise systems to the Cloud


Enable Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

Our IDMS solutions allow users to work together using M365 apps so everyone is on the same page


Improve User & IT Experiences

Implement a solution that automates manual IM tasks and reduces the IT workload to maintain systems

Accelerate Enterprise
Information Modernization

An effective Information and Data Management System (IDMS) is the backbone of any enterprise-level IM strategy and sets the foundation for how users interact with content of business value. 

We take the time to understand the unique IM requirements of your enterprise so we can deliver a comprehensive strategy that matches specific business needs to the right IDMS solution.

From governance and compliance to records management and even AI technology, Orangutech offers a variety of IDMS solutions that are designed to make IM easy for end-users and reduce the burden on IT managers.

TagAI Service IDMS

Our flagship IDMS was developed fully inhouse and leverages cutting-edge AI automation to  optimize how information is effectively managed at the enterprise level.

TagAI uses the M365 cloud to deliver a secure, integrated Microsoft experience that establishes strong IM governance, reduces the burden on users, and the strain on IT.


Endorsed by TBS

Achieved pathfinder status and approved as a recommended government-wide IDMS  

Enterprise Migration

Perform mass file transfers using AI to classify files and route to the correct library
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Governance & Compliance

AI automates IM governance policies and manages the content’s lifecycle 

AI Auto Classification

AI automatically applies metadata and classifies documents based on it’s content

Business Process Mapping

Map foundational business processes and fit TagAI’s custom IM solution to your enterprise

Records Management

Let AI auto-assign retention and disposition, sensitivity labels, and permissions  

Need Help Finding the Right IDMS Solution?

" Orangutech understands the Canadian Government Information Management in M365 requirements. They have the knowledge, expertise, and methodology to successfully implement for large Enterprises. They are second to none for IM in M365 in Canada. ”

- Manager, Information Management
Canadian Federal Government Department

Enhancing Information Management with                        

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Whether combined with an IDMS solution or used as standalone software - empowers organizations to develop and follow strong IM practices by making the right thing to do, the easy thing to do. 

Integrated directly into Microsoft Outlook as a convenient sidebar, serves as a gateway to capture, classify, find, and share content across SharePoint, OneDrive and MS Teams. 

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Canada Post

Canada Post needed to find a solution that made it fast and easy for employees to engage with SharePoint and follow IM best practices without requiring a long, tedious process.

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User Adoption

Effective user adoption of technology and software has never been more important, that’s why a proactive user adoption strategy in today’s digital age is a necessity, not a luxury.

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