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Our Current


Accelerate Enterprise Transformation

Fill the gaps within your organization by focusing on implementing solutions that stick 


Maximize Value From Technology Investments

Ensure a positive ROI from your technology by ensuring your team is using it to it’s full potential


Ongoing Training
& Support

 Custom programs designed to ease change fatigue and make everyone on your team software-superstars

Your Users Are Our Priority

All too often, organizations are unequipped to handle change at an enterprise level. They understand that a problem exists, but fail to recognize how to make it better.

Here’s where Orangutech comes in. 

We are experts at digital adoption and change management solutions that help organizations solve problems through a user-centric approach.

Our strategic methodology works collaboratively with organizations to accelerate their modernization journey and achieve overarching business objectives that deliver maximum ROI and high user adoption.

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Harness the Power of 

As a WalkMe certified delivery partner and expert implementation team, trust Orangutech to lead your digital adoption strategy from start to finish. 

Realize the full value of your technology investment and create software superstars throughout your tech stack.


Easy to Use, No-Code Platform

Accelerate digital modernization, drive user adoption, and maximize the ROI on software

Data-Driven Dashboards

Gain visibility into where users struggle most and optimize user experiences accordingly

Accelerate Onboarding 

Personalized training so users can quickly achieve and retain their software mastery

Cross-Application Guidance

Direct and automate your end-users through multiple software and web applications

Self-Service Support

Users solve problems in real-time through timely on-screen visual directions 

Custom Automations

Develop custom automations to prevent common user errors and set proactive alerts

Ready to Adopt New Technology?

" Orangutech played an essential role with our urgent change management needs in support of the accelerated deployment of M365 in 2020.  Our users benefited greatly from the foundational adoption support built-in to our partnership with Orangutech.  Examples include communications campaigns, events and a custom training curriculum. "
- Senior Director of Major Projects, Chief Information Office
Shared Services Canada

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Explore Our Client Stories


Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The CFIA needed a solution that would allow for self-service support and visual on-screen guides to enable easy site access, reduce supports calls, and decease learning costs.

Explore Our Other Solutions


Information Management

Orangutech offers a variety of IDMS solutions to fit your specific business needs. These solutions are highlighted by our flagship solution: TagAI. 

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