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The Nintex Process Platform is a low code automation solution that will revolutionize the way your organization does business. Their entire suite of process tools will redefine your process culture within your organization and bring visibility to your procedures. Start digitizing your processes, forms, workflows and more with Orangutech and Nintex.


Solutions: Business Process Optimization

WalkMe’s industry leading adoption platform will drive strategic business goals and realize the full value of your technology investment. WalkMe’s no-code platform guides and empowers your users to complete business procedures within your software and technology. Drastically accelerate the impact of your digital transformation strategy with Orangutech and WalkMe. Orangutech is a Certified Delivery partner with WalkMe, and can handle your delivery and implementation from start to finish.

Solutions: Change Management, Digital Adoption Solutions

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+ delivers an integrated Microsoft 365 user experience for remote and hybrid workers.’s suite of tools makes it easy for remote workers to share and find information across SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive directly from Outlook. empowers your users to do information management, without knowing they are doing information management.

Solutions: Enterprise Cloud Strategy, Change Management, Collaboration, Email Management


Migrate, manage, and protect your data in the cloud with AvePoint’s suite of products. Use AvePoint’s migration tool to move and transform your collaborative content faster and more reliably. Take advantage of AvePoint’s governance tool to automate your governance to manage your IT operations and reduce sprawl. Leverage their cloud backup tool to protect your data and manage compliance across your platforms.

Solutions: Enterprise Cloud Strategy, Data Governance & Protection, Collaboration

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Secure your Dynamics 365 documents stored in SharePoint as Connecting Software addresses a major problem within M365: the missing synchronization of privileges and permissions. Connecting Software’s CB Replicator is the only out-of-the-box solution that automatically synchronizes Dynamics 365 permissions with SharePoint permissions, supporting any versions in any combination.

Solutions: Collaboration, Enterprise Cloud Strategy



Orangutech has been a Gold partner with Microsoft since 2005, supporting Microsoft technology in the Canadian Federal Government since our inception. Beginning as a small consulting firm, we began in the realm of on-premise, server deployments of SharePoint. That original concept evolved into hybrid technology, as we developed our SharePoint to GCDocs solutions. We are now full Microsoft 365 cloud evangelists, developing a complete EDRMS solution in the M365 stack. We maintain 3 Gold Competencies with Microsoft: Application Development, Collaboration and Content, and Cloud Productivity.

Our Microsoft Expertise includes:

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Why Partner With Orangutech?

Orangutech brings tremendous value to our clients with our top tier partnerships. Connect with us today to begin a conversation to see if your solution can our clients in their journey to the cloud in M365.


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