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  • PSN: Innovation & IT - Accelerating Legacy Modernization
    Thu, Sept 15
    Online Speaking Engagement
    As technology continues to advance, so too must the systems and tools used by the public sector to enable effective collaboration and information management at an enterprise level to achieve business goals.
  • PSN: Innovation & IT - Operationalizing Analytics
    Tue, Dec 06
    Online Speaking Enagagement
    Data has become a strategic resource for the public sector making it imperative that organizations continue to advance their analytic technology to fully extract tangible business value and drive-decision making toward achieving business goals more efficiently.
  • PSN: Innovation & IT - Remodeling Core Technology
    Tue, Jun 14
    Online Speaking Engagement
    Successfully embracing technological change has become a point of emphasis for the public sector as we usher in a new era of digital transformation driven by effective information management.
  • Developing Professionalism in Informatics: Change as a Path to Greatness
    Fri, May 13
    Shaw Center
    Each year, DPI holds its annual Professional Development Week (PDW), a premier training event for IM/IT/Digital professionals. PDW is attended by 3400+ delegates ranging from technical analysts and policy makers to senior managers who all share a common goal: self-development.
  • PSN: Innovation & IT - Leadership in Technology
    Wed, Mar 23
    Speaking Engagement
    Enabling a technology driven government has come to the forefront for many public sector and governmental departments as they look to modernize legacy systems in the wake of a global shift toward digital IM solutions.

Government of Canada M365 Council

Starting in-person in June of 2018, Orangutech established the Government of Canada M365 Council to provide departments an opportunity to share their plans to head to the cloud. Fast-forward to 2021, and the Government of Canada M365 Council has evolved to a monthly online meeting on Teams Live with over 100 regular attendees. We hear regularly from core Government of Canada departments on their implementations, challenges, successes, and lessons learned on their journeys to the M365 cloud. 

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