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Client Stories


Canada Post

Ensuring high user adoption and proper records management across an organization of over 64,000 employees across Canada poses a significant challenge. Canada Post needed to find a solution that made it fast and easy for employees to engage with SharePoint and follow IM best practices without requiring a long, tedious process.


Employment and Social Development Canada

The sudden on-set of the COVID-19 pandemic left ESDC searching for a solution to collaborate effectively from home without spending valuable time and resources on IM. With over 30,000 employees, inboxes quickly became overrun and document chaos ensued which left ESDC searching for an effective IM solution that could be rolled out quickly and easily adopted across the organization.

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Certified Delivery Partner


City of Toronto

Employees at the City of Toronto regularly use multiple systems and the proper operation of each system was inefficient, unclear, and lacked necessary reporting capabilities. Employees needed a streamlined approach making it easy to access, upload, monitor and quickly act upon their own content and fully leverage the systems feature-set unique to each system when performing tasks.

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

When CFIA’s new public facing website left most users unable to access business services due to a complicated user experience, the help desk became inundated with support calls. The CFIA needed a solution that would allow for self-service support and visual, on-screen guides to enable easy site access, reduce supports calls, and the associated learning cost.

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Public Service Commission of Canada

Users were experiencing significant difficulties navigating and properly using PSC’s GC Jobs website. As GC Jobs is an external website accessible to all Canadian’s, keeping up with the high volume of support calls was not a reasonable expectation and it became apparent that a self-serve, user-centric solution must be implemented.


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Coordinating the delivery and technical support for a large organization presents many difficulties, let alone when each employee is working remotely. Managing thousands of emails and scheduling critical support manually for over 600 employees is not a sustainable process which lead NSERC to seek a powerful application to streamline and automate key business processes. 

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Public Service Alliance of Canada

In preparation for a large conference, PSAC needed to find an agile registration form to manage the high volume of applicants. With the event fast approaching, PSAC sought a solution that could be delivered quickly, leveraged conditional responses, accessible in both French and English, as well as has the ability to export data to 3rd party event management applications.

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