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Welcome to Orangutech's newly launched website

Welcome to Orangutech’s newly launched website. We are blessed and grateful for every person who has worked with and at Orangutech. We thank every client we have ever had the pleasure to meet, development and implement employee centric technologies with. We are fortunate to have amazing partners – thank you for your attention to our clients’ needs.

As Orangutech continues to grow, I am excited about our Leadership Team, who lead Orangutech by rapidly hire employees, work diligently with our partners to offer digital solutions to our customers and internally drive accountability. The Leadership team is led by our General Manager, Lachlan Henderson.

Orangutech’s core values are Agile (company), Growth (of our employees) and Leadership (in our industry). These are exuded throughout our culture. You will see our core values when you deal with our delivery, operations, partnership and sales teams. You see our core values in our website. You will our core values when you meet our employees.

Thank you for visiting Orangutech’s website. If you want to chat with me on any issue, please reach out.

- Barry Doucette, CEO Orangutech


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